MenuLinkRadiant Systems’ MenuLink back office software offers advanced tools to gain greater control of your business while reducing operating costs.

Whether you run a quick service or table service restaurant, you need to do more than serve great food, offer exemplary service and hope for repeat business – you need a rich, robust restaurant back office software solution.

Our award winning MenuLink back office application is designed to minimize waste and maximize profits. It is proven to streamline operations and to control costs in many different types of restaurant and retail environments and our goal is to assist you in running a successful business.

Our full-featured back office software includes all functions required between the restaurant’s POS system and the enterprise’s accounting package. There is in-restaurant management software, enterprise suites for data consolidation and control of restaurant chains and Internet based reporting tools for remote reporting of critical information and hosting services. Return on Investment (ROI) for the MenuLink products is so high that many operators claim pay-back for the initial investment in six to nine months. After that it’s all profit.