So hopefully you can picture the scene: Prices of drinks rising and falling on screens all around the bar based on what it being bought and not bought – Customers constantly looking at the screens for market movements, and did I mention the MARKET CRASHES! These occur throughout the night on either all products, a range of products, or maybe just one product. The selected products will drop down to a minimum price, the screens flash, sirens blare and everyone rushes to the bar to buy the featured products!

So, I’m sure you’re thinking this all sounds like great fun but why would the bar want to run such an event?! Well this is the same scenario from the bars’ perspective:

THE EXCHANGE software is installed onto the POS PC and the Set-up Wizard takes literally 5 minutes for an event to be created. The bar selects the products it wishes to ‘float’ on the stock market, whilst also choosing minimum and maximum prices for each product. Then the bar schedules the MARKET CRASHES to coincide with quiet periods or traditional exoduses. The bar will find that approximately 90% of sales on the night will generally be made up of featured products and that GP will be unaffected. But the most important thing is that bar revenue will massively increase, customers are attracted to the bar over competitors and once in stay longer.