Aloha POS

Experience a new world of interaction in your restaurant

Delight your guests, manage staff and equip your kitchen to send out perfect dish after perfect dish—whether ordered on or off-premise.

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Aloha Mobile

Save time by allowing your servers to send orders straight to the kitchen!

Aloha Mobile is comprehensive, feature-rich software that gives servers full mobile access to many of the robust features of the Aloha POS.

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Aloha Kitchen

Ensure your dishes are made the same way, every time.

Aloha Kitchen helps you maximize guest satisfaction, reduce staff costs, minimize kitchen errors and reduce wasted food. Kitchen staff is more productive and able to focus solely on food quality.

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Aloha Takeout

Fully integrated solutions for all of your “TO GO” needs.

Aloha Takeout tightly synchronizes fast-paced restaurant takeout and delivery operations from order entry to driver route planning, making the most of every minute.

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Aloha Guest Manager

Deliver a truly memorable guest experience.

Aloha Guest Manager provides an innovative solution for optimizing the guest experience and maximizing seat utilization, providing the tools to intelligently track table status and reduce the time tables are left unseated, maximize seating efficiency, and capture key guest information to provide personalized service.

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