Aloha Kitchen

Ensure your dishes are made the same way, every time.

Aloha Kitchen helps you maximize guest satisfaction, reduce staff costs, minimize kitchen errors and reduce wasted food. Kitchen staff is more productive and able to focus solely on food quality. With its bright graphical displays, robust reporting capabilities and quote time calculators, Aloha Kitchen gives you better analysis, enhanced organization of items and controlled timing functionality. Aloha Kitchen seamlessly integrates to additional functionality within the Aloha solution, such as takeout, guest management and configuration systems.

Multiple ways to order for them. One kitchen order flow for you.

With NCR Aloha Kitchen , every order is routed into the kitchen in the same operational flow—no matter where it was placed, or how customized it is.

  • Accommodate Customization

    Accommodate the “build-your-own” craze in the quick service industry using precise order routing and bin management in the kitchen

  • Advanced routing rules

    Increase productivity and efficiency even as orders increase with orders placed inside and outside the restaurant using the same kitchen routing rules

  • Reduce wait time & increase throughput

    Create fantastic guest experiences by reducing wait times, increasing kitchen throughput and offering exceptional food quality to guests

  • Make better & faster decisions

    Make decisions quickly using order volume, production status, progress, order times and staffing levels within the kitchen in real-time

  • Anticipate order volume spikes

    Plan and prepare for anticipated spikes in order volumes with real-time visibility into problem areas in kitchen production and delivery

  • Enable multi-lingual teams

    Leverage multi-lingual teams by displaying different languages on each station screen