Pulse Real-Time

Achieve clear visibility into your business at the exact moment you need with multiple points of access

Know exactly what is going on in your business, regardless of where you are. With up-to-date information collected automatically from the POS system, NCR Real-Time gives you the power to make insightful and immediate decisions that directly impact the bottom line.

I Am NCR Real-Time

Get actionable information delivered directly to your mobile device in real-time.

  • Customer feedback, theft prevention inventory and labour information, historical data and more.

  • Immediate notification of issues that require your attention.

  • Support from NCR that’s available 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Social news feed so you can see what your customers are saying.

  • Your employee through easy communication directly from the app.

  • Your restaurants(s) through the platform and subscribe NCR management applications.