NCR Back Office

Cloud-based inventory control and labour management

When your back office runs better, your whole restaurant does, too. And that’s what NCR Restaurant Back Office Solutions can help you achieve. From inventory and purchasing to employee management and payroll, we digitize your manual processes so you can do more–and make more–with less.

Your restaurant made simple

NCR Back Office is designed to be easy to learn, use and manage.

  • No More Overtime

    No more unnecessary overtime! Reduce labor costs by knowing exactly what staffing you need.

  • Smarter Purchasing

    Zero in on smarter purchasing strategies with a deeper knowledge of what you’re really spending–measuring theoreticals vs. actuals.

  • Goodbye Payroll Headaches

    Get rid of the payroll headaches by easily tracking worked and non-worked hours.

  • Understand Your Business

    Get a better understanding of your operations, from inventory, recipe management, and purchasing to cash management and reporting.

  • More Time to Lead, Not Manage

    Spend much less time managing employees with self-service access to their schedules, time off requests and schedule swaps.