NCR Customer Voice is a customer loyalty, retention and referral tool based on the Net Promoter Score® that provides you with instant feedback of your customer’s experience. You will receive the necessary tools to turn your happy customers into an unpaid sales force and leverage the power of social media channels as a referral service.

Leverage The Power of Social Media

Gain insight into what your customers think about your restaurant.

  • Prompts your promoters (those who rated rated your restaurant a 9 or 10) to “spread the word” through their social media channels.

  • Receive customer specific details that allow you to follow up promptly to improve your customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Manage your existing customer base by following up with identified passives (those who rated 7 or 8) and detractors (those who rated a 6 or below).

  • Track potential new business from your promoters sharing their experience through social media.

  • Compare individual restaurant performance.

  • View your business at risk, customers, recommendations, response rate, leads, marketing and reports.

  • Display loyalty summary with ongoing NPS® percentage.