4 consumer engagement programs to keep customers coming back

Let’s face it – nobody likes a bad customer review; especially, when they find out about it from an online third-party. However, a true restaurateur knows the importance of keeping customers engaged and values their input while rewarding them for their continuous patronage. Here are four ways to keep your customers returning to your restaurant.

Loyalty programs

Design, roll out and manage marketing that attracts new customers and engages your regulars

  • Track your guests’ purchase history and number of visits
  • Empower your customers to manage their loyalty programs online
  • Apply real-time promotions on the POS automatically when a reward is earned
  • Promote new or under-performing menu items with easy to create bonus plans

Bonus plans

Enticing ways to encourage customers to sign-up for your loyalty program‍

  • Be My Guest-based – The member earns plan credit for every dollar they spend
  • Employee Comp-based – An employee receives a percentage or dollar discount each time they use the card to dine in the restaurant
  • Frequency-based – The member earns plan credit based on the number of visits
  • Items-based – The member earns plan credit based on the items they purchase
  • Lottery-based – A sweepstakes-style plan that surprises the member with a reward
  • Points-based – The member earns points for every dollar they spend
  • Smart Rewards-based – The historical data determines which members receive a reward

Stored value

Sell and redeem gift cards‍

  • Configure all stores from one location
  • Wide variety of redemption options – including full redemption, partial redemption with change back to the guest, partial redemption with no change to the guest, partial redemption and adjust balance on gift card
  • Wide variety of reports including ACH reconciliation, fund distribution, reward reconciliation, store summaries, sales, redemptions

Customer feedback

Identify the profit impact of happy and unhappy customers on your business‍

  • Fix any problems identified by customers (detractors) before they spread negative feedback
  • Find out what’s keeping middle of the road customers from becoming fans
  • Receive referrals from your most loyal customers
  • Get feedback either by emailing members the moment after they place their order or print links on your customer receipt asking for feedback
  • Easy-to-read dashboard that summarizes the level of risk your business faces, referral marketing activity and return on investment based on the customer feedback received